Mission Statement

To provide individuals and fundraise organizers alike, a new and unique way to support and give to their causes. We offer the opportunity for people to fundraise by simply doing the things they love to do every day.

We believe in the kindness, compassion and giving nature of mankind and believe this caring spirit can flow freely when financial obstacles and concerns are removed.

What We Do
PayBud Cares is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that has partnered with a revolutionary & unique rewards network called PayBud.

PayBud basically allows its members to earn reward points doing the things they do each and every day. Whether its checking in on your phone; going to the gym; playing games; grabbing a coffee; going to work, enjoying your favorite bar or restaurant; you are earning reward points. And the best part, its completely FREE to join this amazing network.

Have a look at their website (www.paybud.com) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/paybudrewards/) for more info on how easy it is to earn rewards.

PayBud Cares has negotiated a special rate with PayBud to purchase your reward points and donate them directly to your specific cause or fundraiser on your behalf.

Your PayBud points can make a powerful impact on the lives of so many. When you make a donation with your PayBud reward points to a PayBud Cares approved cause, you have the opportunity to help those individuals and organizations who have started fundraisers that have a special meaning to you. PayBud Cares verifies every fundraiser and organization to which it gives, ensuring that your donation goes where you intended. PayBud Cares sends you regular updates about the individuals and organizations you’ve helped by your reward donations.

How This Works
To become part of the PayBud Cares giving community, follow the (4) simple steps below.

1) Open a FREE PayBud account using the link below:

Within 24 hours, PayBud will credit your new account with 2500 Reward points to get you started.

2) Once your account is open, we will contact you to discuss all the details of your cause/campaign (i.e. goal, timeframe, background info etc.) and work with you to get it approved as a PayBud Cares authorized fundraising campaign on the PayBud website.

3) Next, use the PayBud app to go about your daily life earning reward points doing the things you already do every day.

4) And finally, turn all those earned Reward Points into an actual cash donation to your cause with the help of PayBud Cares.

(Depending on the cause, we may financially match the donation or guarantee the fundraising goal. Ask for details.)

Easy. Free. Powerfully Rewarding to Many.