Common Questions

Who is PayBud Cares?
We are a USA based, nationally recognized, 501c(3) non-profit organization. We have been in operation since 2018.

What is PayBud Cares?
In a nutshell, we aim to provide individuals, campaign organizers and charitable organizations a new way to fundraise. We want everyone, everywhere to be able to raise money for the things that matter to them most without feeling constrained by financial limitations.

What makes PayBud Cares different from other crowdfunding sites?
Well, we are completely different. First off, we are not a crowdfunding site where you can directly raise money. Instead we offer you a platform to list your cause and then a mechanism by which you and/or your supporters can turn the simple things you/they do each and every day into cash that can to be donated for your approved PayBud Cares cause or project.

Secondly, we are using our own money upfront to guarantee that your project/cause is listed in the PayBud Reward network and eligible for member donations. No Crowdfunding platform does this or takes a personal financial stake in helping your cause.

What types of causes will you assist in raising money for?
We will consider any cause you submit. Currently, we are primarily supporting causes that have an active crowdfunding page on any major crowdfunding platform. We feel this helps lend credibility and transparency to the causes we financially support.

How does PayBud Cares work?
If your cause is approved, we will submit it to PayBud ( to be listed on their Rewards platform. Once listed, any PayBud member (worldwide) will be able to see and donate Reward points to your cause.

Projects are listed for usually one (1) month. Once the time has expired on the listing, PayBud Cares will redeem the donated Reward points and have the cash transferred to PayBud Cares bank account or PayPal account. Within 2-3 business days, the received funds will be sent to the fundraise organizer’s crowdfunding campaign page along with the list of individuals and companies that donated to the cause. This process ensures transparency for all parties involved.

How much does it cost to become a PayBud member?
It is FREE to become a PayBud member and begin earning Rewards towards a fundraising campaign. Simply go to to sign up or download their App for both Apple and Android phones.

How do I sign up for a PayBud membership and get my 2500 Reward Point Bonus?
When you sign up, be sure to use PBCares as the referral code (see below). To sign up now, click here.

How can I earn a Reward Multiplier Bonuses on all my PayBud Rewards?
For a small monthly fee, you can upgrade your FREE PayBud account to a premium account which will entitle you to 20%, 60% or even a 300% bonus on all reward points you earn. This option may not be for everyone, but it is a great way to earn a massive amount of reward points for the cause you are so passionate about. For more information on this, visit or email them at .

How do I contact you?
Please complete the submission form found HERE to submit your fundraising cause or event. We usually reply within 24 hours or less. However, you can always reach us directly at

What is the cost to use PayBud Cares to help me fundraise?
Unlike many crowdfunding sites, we do not charge a fee for using our service. It is FREE!

How much can I raise with you?
If accepted, we will discuss fundraising goals and targets. Every campaign is different. But rest assured, your campaign gets to keep everything raised even if the goal is not 100% attained.

What can I do to make this fundraising campaign with PayBud successful?
Good question. We have several different strategies that we will discuss with you once we accept your project. We want you to have the most successful campaign as possible.

How does PayBud Cares stay in business?
We are powered by the generosity of our amazing individual donors and business community sponsors. Donors using PayBud to help contribute to your campaign may choose to give PayBud Cares a voluntary tip after the donation process is complete. These tips allow us to maintain and improve our free platform so that we can help even more people and causes. We are incredibly grateful for the donors who believe in our mission and help us make a small but positive impact on many.

Why are you doing this?
To provide individuals and fundraise organizers alike, a new and unique way to support and give to their causes. We offer the opportunity for people to fundraise by simply doing the things they love to do every day. We believe in the kindness, compassion and giving nature of mankind and believe this caring spirit can flow freely when financial obstacles and concerns are removed.